River Keeper

We are the only private  club on the River Ure which employs a full time River Keeper. His work makes a significant contribution to the pleasure of angling on the club’s waters by

  • Producing diploid trout to enhance current river population
  • Reducing fish losses from the river by controlling predators and apprehending poachers
  • Enhancing the ecology of the river corridor
  • Improving the river environment for wild fish
  • Maintaining and improving the quality of the fishing and clubs facilities.

River Keepers 1892- present

1892 Ralph Colbeck

1894 J Wild

1899 Tom Sturdy

1949 Norris Sturdy

1953  William (Bill) Sturdy

1987 Brian Baker

2006 John Fryatt

2007 – 2017  David Griffiths

2018 -Bobbie Horseman

photo of Bill Sturdy in 1977
Bill Sturdy 1977


When he fished with his grandfather, Jeremy Paxman met Bill Sturdy whom he described him as “being built like a Charolais bull with bulging arms, white shirt and tweeds”. Particular flies were recommended  as noted in Jeremy Paxman’s Fish, Fishing and the Meaning of Life.









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