Fly Fishing the River Ure

Fly fishing at Slee Gill

The Fly Fishing

We have some great fly fishing on the River Ure. Our stretch containing a variety of waters and include some in very wild country with excellent fly life.

north-country-spider, a good fly fishing fly
North Country Spider

Trout and grayling respond well to all fly fishing methods. Superb sport can be had with dry flies, nymphs and of course, North Country Spiders.

Particularly useful flies include  Klinkhammers, Adams, Grey Wulff,  Golden Wulff , Pheasant Tail Nymphs,  Yellow Humpy, Partridge and Orange, Snipe and Purple and of course Sturdy’s Fancy.



The Setting

picture of river in height of summer

The Yorkshire dales are justly famed for their beauty and
variety. The Ure is one of the main North Yorkshire rivers that eventually flow into the Humber Estuary

Our waters are in the most tranquil and beautiful of the famed Yorkshire dales, Wensleydale.

The animal and bird life is abundant. Anglers experience not only peace but are accompanied by birdsong and animal life, in a stunning natural woodland setting.  Animals and birds include Kingfishers, Oyster Catchers, Dippers, Wildfowl, otters and even lampreys.

The great landscape artist J M W Turner loved Yorkshire and painted several views of our river and the Dales countryside including the River Ure at Hackfalls Hackfall Wood is itself a site of Special Scientific Interest Grade I in English Heritage’s Register and is overseen by the Woodland Trust see local map .

Approved Investigations to improve our fishing

We are  conversant with the current Environment Agencies (EA)  regulations and work with them. As our waters do not have any spawning streams and the river suffers from spates, we are approved by the EA to carry out a ‘unique’ investigation.

We are continuing to add diploid trout reared from fish taken from the river. We are examining for any impacts on the wild fish that might be present from breeding in the river itself. Research started in 2015 for a 3-5 year period. The results for the first two years are very good.  The adding of our own reared diploid trout started way back in 1894. More about our investigation

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