Walbran mentioned in Flydresser (Autumn 2016)

Maximillian Walbran, founder of TAC, was mentioned in the Autumn 2016 edition of Flydresser regarding the Red Tag fly (page 29). Apparently he was recommended to try the fly ‘Worcester Gem’ on his Yorkshire rivers. He consequently then changed the name to the Red Tag and first mentioned it in a chapter on grayling flies in the second edition of his book British Angling Flies.

Walbran’s version of the Red Tag was: Body, bright green peacock’s harl over which winds a red cock’s hackle, wrapping in a scrap of crimson floss silk at the tail. However FM Halford described it some three years before Walbran in Floating Flies & How to Dress Them as: Hackle – Blood red game cock. Body – copper-coloured peacock herl, 2 or 3 stands twisted together. Tag – Ibis or scarlet wool.